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Welcome to CellStrat #AIBytes newsletter 11th Mar ’23 Edition ! In this newsletter -

1) Generative AI — An Overview of Stable Diffusion — Image to Image / Text to Image (Sun 12th Mar ‘23)
2) Job Openings with top Product Firm in BLR — APPLY TODAY


Generative AI has taken the world by storm. Image and Text Generation with algorithms like Stable Diffusion, DALL-E2, ChatGPT etc are breaking out and disrupting industries all over.

Among these, Image Generation from Textual prompts or other Image suggestions has gained much attention for creative Image generation, close to, and sometimes better than, human imagination. Two major algorithms popular for this technique are Stable Diffusion from Stability AI and DALL-E2 from OpenAI.

Stable Diffusion algorithm

Such algorithms are being used in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Product Design, Pharma inventions and many other areas.

Attend this Webinar on 12th Mar ’23 to learn the details of Stable Diffusion algorithm, that is able to create incredible imagery from text prompts or other images.

Topic — Generative AI — An Overview of Stable Diffusion — Image to Image / Text to Image
Date — Sun 12th Mar ‘23, 10:30 AM IST
Presenter — Mitadru Datta, AI Researcher, CellStrat AI Lab and IIT Kharagpur
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These AI job positions / gig roles are with CellStrat partner firms who hire from us (send your CV/resume to email address contact@cellstrat.com or Whatsapp at +91–9742800566 if interested to apply) :-

Search and NLP Engineers — Full Time/Part Time Opportunities

We are building the world’s best enterprise search platform, creating a magical and intelligent experience for users by applying the latest and greatest technologies like Natural Language Understanding, domain adaptation, question answering, semantic search, and many more. Enterprises Series-A to Series-C from Marketing Tech to Healthcare use our product to find the right information across all apps without jumping through different apps or waiting for co-workers to share that link.

Who are we?
We are a seed funded early stage startup in Koramangla, cofounded by 3 BITS Pilani Alums in 2021. We are looking for dynamic NLP & Search Engineers with 2–5 years of experience who could drive the 0 to 1 journey along with us.

Technical Skills required:
Tech-stack that the candidate needs to be proficient in:
* Experience with ElasticSearch and/or Lucene / Solr, text mining and indexing pipelines.
* Experience with highly scalable, distributed tools like Kafka, Cadence, Temporal, etc. is preferred.
* Knowledge of NLP and Deep Learning techniques and models such as GPT-3, T5 and BERT is a plus.
* Experience building high-throughput data pipelines (e.g using Kafka, Spark, etc.) is a plus.
* Containerisation and deployment (e.g. using Docker).
* Experience with SQL databases such as MySQL and Postgres.
* Working knowledge of AWS services (S3, EC2, ECS, EKS, Lambda, etc.)

Other Characteristics
* Good communication skills, Up to date with current tools and technology.
* Past work experience at an early stage (pre-seed — series A) startup is preferable.

Compensation — Upto 35L CTC

Send resume to contact@cellstrat.com if interested to apply..

CELLSTRAT ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS FOR AI ML :- CellStrat Enterprise Business Unit develops state-of-the-art AI Solutions for Large and Small Businesses. Contact us at email contact@cellstrat.com or phone +91–9742800566 to discuss your AI problem statements !

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