CellStrat‘s’new Gen AI Course rolls on..

2 min readApr 16, 2024


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CellStrat new Gen AI Course rolls on !

This course on “Generative AI Foundations” is being well received with large number of folks benefitting and engaging with this course.

Check course details and enroll here — https://bit.ly/CS-L-GenAI-F-2

Class 1 — Gen AI Intro (Transformers, LLM Basics) was a wonderful coverage of Transformers and Intro to LLMs.

Class 2 — Basics of Prompt Engineering was a literal mini-course on Prompt Engineering techniques for querying LLMs for interesting responses !

The audience are loving the training. Candidates have enrolled from across the world.. India, US, UK, Australia..

2 classes done. 8 more classes to go…

Next two classes (open to ALL) :-

CellStrat Gen AI Course Class 3 — Introduction to GPT and LLAMA LLMs

Date : 9:30 AM IST, 21 Apr Sun / 9 PM PT 20 Apr Sat

RSVP : https://bit.ly/CS-GenAI-F-Class3-Live

CellStrat Gen AI Course Class 4 — Understanding Embeddings and Vector Databases

Date : 9:30 AM IST, 28 Apr Sun / 9 PM PT 27 Apr Sat

RSVP : https://bit.ly/CS-GenAI-F-Class4-Live

There are two versions of this course :

1) FREE LIVE CLASSES : Live Classes are offered FREE every Sunday for 10 weeks starting April 7, Sunday via Webinars.

2) PAID COURSE WITH CERTIFICATION AND PROJECTS : You can get class recordings, project notebooks and certification for a fee of USD 100. You can enroll on the course page — https://bit.ly/CS-L-GenAI-F-2. (OR pay here — https://bit.ly/CS-L-GenAI-F-pay).

Questions or Comments ? Reach out to us on contact@cellstrat.com or +91–9742800566 !

Gen AI disruption ahead…. are you ON ?

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