Introducing CellBot — a world-class Health Search Engine using Gen AI

2 min readMar 26, 2024


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Introducing CellBot — a world-class Health Search Engine that uses state of the art Generative AI. CellBot answers any questions on health and pharma that you might have. CellBot is trained on leading health data repositories of the world.

Just chose a health or pharma topic and within 30 seconds, a powerful Chatbot appears. Then you can ask any questions on that topic to get accurate answers for your questions.

Try CellBot today and solve for your health or pharma enquiries..

Stay tuned for more new features in the CellBot stack in coming weeks and months. We will be adding many more information sources to this ChatBot as well as enabling a suite of medical and pharma workflows in healthcare, pharma research, drug discovery and more.

Health AI innovation is ON !


CellStrat is doing advanced Gen AI research for Health industries. If you are a healthcare or pharma professional, please feel free to share your mobile no, email and linkedin profile to email to be added to CellStrat Special Interest Group on Health AI research.


CellStrat is pleased to launch an innovative Webinar series in Health and Pharma. RSVP for first such webinar below :-

Topic : CellBot (Health AI) — Landscape of Generative AI in Healthcare
Date : Sat 20th Apr ’24, 9 AM IST (Fri 19th Apr, 8:30 PM PDT)
Presenter : Dolcy Dhar, Data Scientist and Head of Health AI Research, CellStrat AI Lab
RSVP here to attend..

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Disclaimer : CellBot provides general health and pharma information. This information has not been validated by any regulatory agency or authorized experts. For specific medical or pharma advice, please contact your authorized healthcare provider.




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