Launching New CellStrat Course : “Generative AI — Foundation”

2 min readMar 24, 2024


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Presenting new CellStrat course on Generative AI and LLMs.

Generative AI is taking over the world. Every industry and application faces Gen AI impact and disruption. The job opportunities in Gen AI are rising at breakneck pace.

“Employees with AI skills to get at least 54% hike” (Economic Times)
“There’s a gap of about 50% in terms of demand and supply for AI professionals where demand far exceeds supply”
“Average salary of AI Engineer in India is INR 24.6 Lakhs”
“FOMO Fueling Nvidia (leading AI Chip firm) stock to dizzying heights”
“Google Stock rises 10% on potential of Google Gemini LLM being launched in Apple devices”

We are used to these headlines on a daily basis. Gen AI is disrupting all processes and companies desperately seek highly trained Gen AI talent.

CellStrat AI Lab, one of the premium AI research communities of the world, is pleased to launch it’s hot new Generative AI and LLM course.

Key course modules include Large Language Models or LLMs (GPT and LLAMA), Embeddings, RAG, Fine Tuning LLMs, LangChain development, Image Generation, LLM Model Evaluation and much more. Learn from CellStrat’s world-class Gen AI Scientists..

Check the detailed syllabus and enroll here (use Coupon Code “COMMUNITY10” to avail 10% OFF — Coupon expires TODAY 24 Mar ‘24)

Live Classes are offered FREE via webinar format starting April 7 over 10 Sundays. However Class recordings and Certification have a fee of USD 100 (enroll here).

First two classes of the new Gen AI — Foundation Course have been announced :-

  • Gen AI Course Class 1 — Gen AI Intro (Transformers, LLM Basics) — April 7, Sunday
    RSVP here to attend..
  • CellStrat Gen AI Course Class 2 — Basics of Prompt Engineering — April 14, Sunday
    RSVP here to attend..

Enroll in this course to start learning cutting-edge Gen AI and LLMs !


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