Presenting a new User Experience for CellBot — a world-class Health Search Engine

3 min readJun 5, 2024


CellStrat’s Health Intelligence Bot i.e. CellBot is a fantastic resource for Health and Pharma researchers worldwide.

AI Medical sciences are constantly evolving and even more so, with AI accelerating at an exponential speed. With CellBot, you can swiftly mine research papers from popular databases like PubMed and ArXiv in real-time and talk to these papers to extract the most-relevant up-to-date research.

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With CellBot, leverage latest Gen AI and Large Language Models to mine through leading healthcare research databases at an amazing speed. CellBot leverages latest in LLM technology such as GPT and Agents to provide you up-to-date answers useful for all your research and development tasks.

Now presenting, fantastic new UX or user experience for CellBot :

Just enter the topic of your interest (such as “Heart Transplant process”) and click on Search. It will pull latest most relevant 50/100 papers from PubMed or Arxiv related to this topic and take you to an intuitive Chat screen for chatting with that information to answer all your questions :

Now you can ask questions on the topic entered earlier (such as “What are the risks of heart transplant”) and it provides an accurate and detailed response :

CellBot can accelerate the research and development tasks for global healthcare researchers. Healthcare research has never been more easier before..

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Let’s disrupt Healthcare with the power of Generative AI and LLMs !

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