Presenting “AI Rx — Generative AI in Healthcare” — a Project Series

2 min readMay 30, 2024


Welcome to the new era of Generative AI ! As with almost every other industry, Gen AI is set to disrupt Healthcare and Pharma like never before.

Generative AI and Large Language Models, those ever-powerful AI models trained on internet-scale datasets, are penetrating a plethora of healthcare workflows whether it be research, diagnostics, drug discovery, care workflows and lot more.. These LLMs are enabling unique new solutions and data mining capabilities in Medical industry, introducing unprecedented efficiencies in healthcare and pharma industries and solving perplexing problems in these domains.

CellStrat is pleased to present an innovative “Gen AI for Healthcare Project Series” webinars starting from Saturday 1 June, 2024 (alternate Saturdays).

This Project Series coincides with CellStrat’s new Gen AI for Healthcare Platform being launched i.e. CellBot — Health Intelligence with Gen AI.

Check detailed Syllabus for Gen AI for Healthcare Project Series here..

This program has two versions :-

  1. Free Live Classes — RSVP here to attend..
  2. Pay for Class Recordings and Certifications here..

This course will cover critical Gen AI for Healthcare topics such as :

  • Mining Medical Data with Gen AI
  • Prompt Engineering for Healthcare
  • Insight Generation from Clinical Reports
  • Named Entity Recognition in health data
  • Knowledge Graph visualization for Healthcare
  • Graph Prompting for Healthcare
  • Adverse Event Detection
  • etc.

Attend this Project Series and be ready to disrupt Healthcare with the power of Generative AI and LLMs !




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