Presenting Gen AI LLM Jam in Bengaluru tomorrow (Sat 20th Apr ‘24)

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CellStrat is pleased to present a deep-dive LLM Jam tomorrow (Sat 20th Apr) at WeWork Bellandur Bengaluru.

Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI are disrupting the world where literally every company is exploring these technologies and every App may have to become AI-enabled.

Join us for a hands-on guided workshop where we’ll build ChatXiv, a chatbot designed to make AI research more accessible which allows you to search, explore and chat about AI papers on arXiv. We’ll be building an end-to-end system, from design and development to evaluating our system.

Join us for an exciting code jam session and let’s build something amazing together!

Topic : Generative AI — LLM Jam — Let’s get together and hack LLM Applications
Date : Saturday 20th Apr 2024, 9:30 AM IST
Location : WeWork Vaishnavi Signature, ORR, Bellandur, Bengaluru
Presenter : Vivek Singhal and Bhavesh Laddagiri, CellStrat AI Lab
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(1) Topic : CellStrat Gen AI Course Class 3 — Introduction to GPT and LLAMA LLMs
Date : Sunday 21st Apr 2024, 9:30 AM IST / Sat 20th Apr 9 PM PT
Presenter : CellStrat Gen AI Experts
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(2) Topic : Generative AI — Logic and Reasoning in LLMs
Date : Sunday 21st Apr 2024, 2 PM IST
Presenter : Niraj Kale, AI Researcher
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Generative AI is taking over the world. Every industry and application faces Gen AI impact and disruption. The job opportunities in Gen AI are rising at breakneck pace.

CellStrat AI Lab, one of the premium AI research communities of the world, is pleased to launch it’s hot new Generative AI and LLM course.

Key course modules include Large Language Models or LLMs (GPT and LLAMA), Embeddings, RAG, Fine Tuning LLMs, LangChain development, Image Generation, LLM Model Evaluation and much more. Learn from CellStrat’s world-class Gen AI Scientists..

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Live Classes are offered FREE via webinar format starting Sunday April 7 over 10 Sundays. However Class recordings and Certification have a fee of USD 100 (enroll here..).

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