Presenting ImagineView — Generative AI to extract critical insights from your documents

2 min readJan 4, 2024

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CellStrat wishes you and your near ones a Very Happy New Year !

In this auspicious New Year, we at CellStrat are pleased to launch our new GenAI platform !

Presenting ImagineView — a world-class Generative AI Platform that offers these functions :-

1) Knowledge Base Miner : Information Mining Platform for all those PDFs, Word Docs, PPTs, CSV files, TXT files and URLs that have been bothering you
2) Virtual Assistant : A Personal Assistant Bot that can answer all your questions on any topics

Get started with ImagineView today..

With ImagineView, you can query or mine a variety of your documents using best-of-breed GPT LLMs — in order to gain valuable insights and productivity automation in your business or personal workflows.

Or, ask anything at all from the Virtual Assistant !

Get started with a Free Trial Today — just sign up here..

After the Free Trial, we offer multiple subscription options for Monthly and Annual plans with just the right amount of tokens that you might need for querying your data corpuses.

ImagineView — Bringing the power of sophisticated Generative AI and LLM to YOUR documents and literature !

Welcome to Gen AI Disruption ! Welcome to a new world of insight and productivity automation !

Questions or Comments ? We love to hear from you. Just email with your query !

Happy New Year ! And, Happy Knowledge Mining to you !


Team CellStrat

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