Presenting New CellStrat Course : “Prompt Engineering for Generative AI”

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Presenting new CellStrat course on Prompt Engineering for Generative AI.

Generative AI is changing the world — every industry and application worth its salt is looking at Gen AI as a major new paradigm shift to solve business and societal problems.

After our successful Generative AI — Foundation course, CellStrat AI Lab is pleased to launch new course “Prompt Engineering for Gen AI. Prompt Engineering refers to the art and science of creating powerful language prompts that can extract meaningful results from Gen AI models such as Large Language Models (LLMs) and GPTs.

Prompt Engineering can magically make LLMs respond with interesting and relevant answers to user queries.

For course syllabus and to enroll, head to this link.

Live Classes are FREE but Class recordings, projects and certificate require a Course Fee. Pay it here..

Live Cohort of Prompt Engineering Class is ON. The Second Class (“Applications of Prompt Engineering”) is scheduled this Saturday 13th Jul, 9:30 AM IST / 9 PM PST.

  • Topic : CellStrat Prompt Engg Course Class 2 — Applications of Prompt Engineering on Sat 13th Jul, 9:30 AM IST
  • Presenter : Poulami Sarkar, AI Researcher
  • RSVP here to attend..

Prompt Engineering course includes modules such as Intro to Prompts, Applications of Prompt Engg, Zero-Shot and N-Shot Prompting, Dynamic Prompting, RAG, COT / TOT Prompting, Graph of Thought Prompting etc.

Check the detailed syllabus and enroll here (use Coupon Code “COMM10” to avail 10% OFF — Coupon expires TOMORROW 11 Jul ‘24)

Enroll in this course to start learning cutting-edge Prompt Engineering techniques for LLMs !


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