Unveiling ImagineGPT: Our Moonshot in the World of AI

3 min readSep 16, 2023

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the AI Hardware and Edge Summit in Santa Clara, California that was held from September 12th to 14th. Loads of audience joined us at our Booth to explore the future of AI and witnessed the launch of our groundbreaking Gen AI Platform, ImagineGPT (www.ImagineGPT.com).

ImagineGPT is our moonshot attempt to revolutionize the world of AI. With ImagineGPT, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the AI landscape. Our team has dedicated endless hours into its development, and we could’nt wait any more to share with our audience.

During our time at the summit, Vivek Singhal, Co-Founder, CellStrat had the privilege of showcasing our Knowledge Base Miner tool (KB Miner), which received an overwhelmingly positive response. KB Miner is a powerful tool for information mining and insight development, and it played a crucial role in our booth demonstrations and product stage presentations.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our team mates who have been instrumental in developing KB Miner and making it a success.

Our journey doesn’t end here. After the summit, we’re diving into planning the next set of features and product upgrades. Massive amounts of product development are on the horizon, including expanding KB Miner, deep URL mining, and enhancing our virtual assistant capabilities.

The demand for our Gen AI products is incredible, and we’re committed to relentless product innovation and development. Our focus is firmly on creating the best AI solutions that cater to needs of our audience.

We’re also excited to mention our AI marketplace, CellStrat Hub, which has been generating significant interest. CellStrat Hub showcases the incredible expertise of our AI community across various domains. While our primary focus is on ImagineGPT, CellStrat Hub continues to grow, attracting users and learners alike.

In the rapidly evolving AI landscape, opportunities abound. We’ve seen the AI revolution gain momentum, and the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s AI accelerators, edge computing, vision, or business solutions, we’re at the forefront of this gold rush.

Andrew Ng, the keynote speaker at the conference, emphasized that the AI revolution is just beginning, with imaging being the next frontier after language models like ours.

The AI spend is increasing at an unprecedented pace, and the time for AI professionals and startups is now. We’ve patiently built our skills and community over the past five years, and the breakout we’ve been waiting for is finally here.

Join us on this exciting journey into the world of AI, and let’s shape the future together.




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