Workshop on “Quantum Machine Learning — Introduction to Practical’s”

3 min readSep 9, 2022

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CellStrat AI Lab presents a Workshop on “Quantum Machine Learning — Introduction to Practical’s” on Saturday 10th Sep 2022 (check our YouTube channel if you missed this Webinar).

Quantum Computing is the new upcoming technology that leverages extremely powerful computers based on Quantum principles. Quantum is based on Qubits, a bit that can be in multiple states simultaneously unlike traditional bits which are either 0 or 1. This “Superposition” state dramatically increases the power of a quantum computer compared to a normal computer and can be used for exciting new applications.

Among these new applications is the use of Quantum for Machine Learning. Ultra-fast optimizations and new ML techniques are made possible by combining Quantum with ML.

Attend this Workshop on Saturday 10th Sep ’22 to learn how Machine Learning can be done with Quantum Computers :-

Topic — Quantum Machine Learning — Introduction to Practical’s
Date — Saturday 10th Sep 2022, 11:00 AM IST
Location — Online
Presenter — PRASANNA VENKATESH J (AI and Cloud Evangelist)

See you in this Workshop tomorrow ! Let’s disrupt with AI and Quantum !

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